13 October 2015

Exciting new project

By nonfictioness
Famous Last Words by Claire Cock-Starkey

Famous Last Words out in Spring 2016

I am very happy to announce that I have signed up to write a number of books for the wonderful Bodleian Library Publishing.

The first of which is Famous Last Words, a collection of the last words of notable people. It has been a delight to research and collect final words – so many brilliant stories, historical insights, poignant moments and profound ideas have been found among this collection.

Famous Last Words will be published in spring 2016. See here for the: Bodleian Library Publishing Spring 2016 catalogue (the cover design in the catalogue has since been changed to the one pictured here, which is much nicer I think!).

Watch this space for the announcement of more books with Bodleian Library Publishing and British Library Publishing in 2016 and beyond!