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Trees and Sympathetic Magic

Trees have long been important to humans. Not only do they provide firewood, offer shelter and make useful waymarkers but they were also often at […]

30 July 2020

Yew trees and graveyards

There are numerous reasons given as to why yew trees have become ubiquitous in our graveyards. Some trace it back to ancient times when druids […]

12 March 2020

Traditional Methods of Divination

Humans have always looked for certainty in life, after all it’s reassuring to know what the future might bring. As a result throughout history people […]

14 February 2019

Traditional Signs of Guilt

In the time before DNA testing, dusting for fingerprints and blood-spatter analysis proving guilt or innocence was a rather less scientific matter. Folklore, superstition and […]

1 November 2018

Gardening folklore

Gardening folklore often has a basis in fact, so it is fascinating to read through some of the old traditions and superstitions surrounding plants, planting […]

21 April 2017