Yew trees and graveyards

There are numerous reasons given as to why yew trees have become ubiquitous in our graveyards. Some trace it back to ancient times when druids […]

12 March 2020

Traditional Methods of Divination

Humans have always looked for certainty in life, after all it’s reassuring to know what the future might bring. As a result throughout history people […]

14 February 2019

6 Writers and Artists who Quit

The creative urge is seen as something that can’t be ignored, and yet over the years a number of hugely talented writers and artists have […]

10 January 2019

On Definitions of Short Stories

I just finished reading Henry James’ Daisy Miller (1878) and once I’d finished the story itself I flicked on to read the appended essay that […]

20 December 2018

Nonfictioness in top blogs list

I was delighted and pleasantly surprised to find that my nonfictioness blog had been included in Feedspot’s Top 25 Nonfiction Blogs. There are some excellent […]

18 December 2018