The Entire Real McCoy Blog Tour

Between 1 November and 10 November 2018 I undertook a blog tour for The Real McCoy sharing a fresh extract from the book on every stop of the tour.

A huge thanks must go to all the amazing bloggers who hosted me and my book, it makes such a difference to be able to reach a new audience. Below I have collected links to each day of the tour so you can follow it in its entirety:

Short Book and Scribes with an extract on ‘maverick’

Half Man Half Book with an extract on ‘tantalize’

Linda’s Book Bag with an extract on ‘bloomers’

On the Bookshelf with an extract on ‘algorithm’

Mrs Bloggs Books with an extract on ‘labrador’

Madame Gilflurt with an extract on ‘cardigan’

Sarah’s Vignettes with an extract on ‘wisteria’

Espresso Coco with an extract on ‘cereal’

To the End of Her Days with an extract on ‘blurb’

The Book Magnet with an extract on ‘guillotine’


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