Smithsonian article on most interesting and accessible libraries around the world

As a bibliophile I have always been drawn to libraries, from my lovely local village library where we stock up onBritish_library_londonx600 books for the children to the beautiful rare books room at the British Library, where I conduct most of my book research.

The chance came up to pitch an article to the Smithsonian online magazine and I immediately thought of writing something on the most interesting (and importantly) the most accessible collections around the world.

It was a real joy to research and so difficult to chose just eight libraries but I am proud of how the article turned out. Have a read of it here and please leave a comment about your favourite library.

One thought on “Smithsonian article on most interesting and accessible libraries around the world

  1. I think libraries in the UK have, broadly, become much more accessible – partly through having to diversify due to constant government cuts. When I was a kid any library felt like an inaccessible mausoleum into which I was ‘allowed’ only rarely and even then only if I was utterly silent and already ‘knew the code’ of how to find what I was after.

    Now libraries welcome children and families; have dedicated children’s sections (mine even has bug-shaped bean bags for the kids to relax and read on); offer community spaces and much more. Sadly, many still rely hugely on the efforts of volunteers – their diligence, commitment and passion should never be forgotten.

    LOVE the Smithsonian article. Open access libraries, with information for EVERYONE (not just a chosen few) is equality in action and must be supported.

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